Deepavali 2020

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Avenues this year

Considering COVID 19, the plan this year is different to the regular program. We are looking at celebrating more by engaging the community online. Social Media, Webinars, Newsletters and Live telecast over online channels is our main focus. We have successfully managed some BIG programs like International Yoga Day, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Webinars and Online live events. Our engagement with community over online  has been successful followed by a big number of subscribers to our newsletters across Australia.

We also have our member organisations who further have individuals associated with them, this is not limited to India but Hindus across the world who live in Australia. There is a physical celebration planned in major shopping centres, local councils, schools and parliaments via display of art, presentations about culture, broachers and information and display of video and performance (if permitted) without NO gatherings. The same will be telecasted online.

The Program Overview

Major Shopping Centres (Cherrybrooke, Liverpool, RouseHill, Hornsby)

Local Councils and Libraries (Parramatta, Cumberland, Strathfield)

Schools and Universities (min 3 in each city tbc)

State and Federal Parliament (NSW & ACT)

Multi City Celebrations (Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth)

Online, Social media, Webinars, Newsletters and Live casts

** we are working on adding more online platforms, cities, shopping centers this year in
celebrating the festival.

Help us in organizing

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