Covid help survey form

HBF and Karma Kitchen are constantly endeavoring to provide help to needy students/elders. If you have asked us for help and have received the help, we urge you to fill out the form below. Your cooperation in filling out the form is an acknowledgement from you that you have received the groceries and other help that you deserve to get in this hour of need.  It also helps us to keep track of our activities and not to miss anyone.

    HBF / Karma Kitchen COVID-19 Survey
    Hindu Council of Australia wants to conduct a basic survey during this COVID-19 crisis to further assist people who reached out to us.

    Has the COVID-19 situation affected you personally? If yes, in what way? *
    NoAffected physical health by contracting the virusAffected livelihood due to loss of jobAffected access to foodAffected access to shelterAffected emotional well-beingOther

    Has your situation improved since your last contact with us ?

    Are you interested in participating in a online meeting to discuss the situation in general? *

    What is your residential status? * Australian Citizen / Permanent ResidentTemporary Student VisaTourist VisaOther

    What kind of assistance do you still need immediately? *
    GroceriesCounseling / Emotional supportRental assistanceVisa assistanceMedicalOther

    How would you like to be contacted? *

    Any other comments or feedback :

    Thank you for completing this quick survey. Please click on the "SEND" button below.

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