Covid-19 support for our community

Karma Kitchen and Hindu Benevolent Fund are two projects of Hindu Council of Australia that have come forward to help and support the community during this unprecedented crisis and lockdown.

Karma kitchen is an initiative that provides fresh food to people facing crisis. It has been providing free food every Saturday in Parramatta, NSW. Hindu benevolent Fund has been providing financial help to Hindus in distress. The two have come together to help community members facing crisis like conditions.

Overseas Students – Hindu Council is speaking to state and federal government to provide financial aid to overseas students who have lost their jobs due to this Corona lock down. In the mean time, we are looking at providing dry grocery to  students.

Senior Citizens – Hindu Council is looking at setting up a food delivery system to provide fresh food to senior citizens who are unable to cook on their own.

Isolated Families – We are also looking at helping those who are isolated or quarantined.

Please Click here to send your request.

You can also email your request to us at or contact one of our volunteers by phone on 0411 548 411 or on 0412 399 164.


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