CHINGARI Asia Pacific – 2022

Namaste All,
Every year the United Nation celebrates 20th Feb as World’s Day of Social Justice. This year the day was celebrated to achieve Social Justice through formal employment.
However, do we all believe this is true for those who are suffering extreme discrimination and horrors in all forms of religious persecution in a few, totalitarian countries? How many of us know that these vulnerable millions are on the verge of total elimination, annihilation within their country’s society, let alone getting them the employment are being given the due respect, priority, care and social justice for their bare survival?
CHINGARI Australia is commemorating this DAY to bring awareness about the shocking disclosures of 75 years of ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh.
It is the time for all of us who are fortunate to live a good life and are privileged to understand the real issues, to be sensitive to all such crimes. For us to raise collective voices to fight at an international level to ensure justice for girls, women and children of Hindus and other minority communities of Bangladesh.
Please join us an information session / talk show scheduled as per below details
CHINGARI is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Date – Sunday Feb 20, 2022

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