Chaplaincy Information session

An information session for prospective Chaplains was organized by Hindu Council and Global Organization for Divinity (G.O.D) at the later’s temple today. It was attended by about 20 people. A couple of speakers from G.O.D introduced the idea of a Hindu chaplain and explained what a chaplain does and what a Chaplain does not do. Jayanthi Ramanan, Chaplaincy Coordinator of Hindu Council, and a Chaplain herself explained her journey to become a Chaplain and to start a Hindu Chaplaincy movement in Sydney. She explained that Hindu Council is a nominating authority to nominate Hindu Chaplains to Hospitals, Schools etc. To be nominated, the person has to be a practicing Hindu, should have completed an Introductory Course and should be approved by the Hindu Council. She explained a brief outline of the Introductory course.

Surinder Jain from Hindu Council explained the scholarships being made available by Hindu Council of Australia for Hindus to train as a Hindu Chaplain. Surinder explained that there is a lack of awareness in the Hindu community about the role and availability of Hindu Chaplains. There is also a short supply of Hindu Chaplains in Australia. While the scholarship aims to increase the number of people who train as Hindu Chaplains, a campaign to make Hindu community aware and demand the services of a Hindu Chaplain in Hospitals, Schools, Jails etc is needed. He also asked all chaplains and prospective chaplains to report any Hindu in crisis situation and needing financial help to Hindu Council so that a financial help can be provided through its Hindu Benevolent Fund.


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