Bhagavad Gita Fortnightly Class & Discussion on 7th October 2022

Bhagavad Gita Discussion

Friday 7 October, 7.00 – 8.45 pm

Join us for Silent Meditation at Vedanta Hall, 15 Liverpool Road, Croydon,  from 7 pm
or via Zoom from 7.30 pm:

Theme: Chapter 8, The Way to the Imperishable Brahman, Verses 6 – 8

  • Remembering the Divine: Verse 6 reflects on the state of our mind during our final moments. If our mind is full of divine thoughts we are sure to leave this world filled with peace.
  • Shaping our Destiny: The mind has the greatest power to shape our destiny. Our never-ending challenge is to monitor the myriad of thoughts fleeting through our minds. Do our best to encourage the positive ones, understand and transform the negative ones.
  • Mind in the Divine: At its subtlest level, the mind is always in contact with the Divine. By seeking smaller pleasures, we neglect the greatest peace and joy,  the spiritual inheritance hidden within.
  • Practice Japam and meditation regularly. Do not miss even one day. The mind is like a spoilt child – always restless. … If you continue your practice for two or three years, you will begin to feel an unimaginable joy and the mind will become steady. In the beginning, the practice of Japam and meditation seems slow or has no effect. It is like taking bitter medicine. You must stay committed and forcibly pour the thought of God into your mind, then as you persist, you will be flooded with joy. Swami Brahmananda (First President of Ramakrishna Order)

Learn more in the discussion led by Pravrajika Gayatriprana.

Bhagavad Gita:
Join our exploration of a spiritual classic that’s enriched cultures throughout Asia over the centuries and inspired leading figures in modern times from Mohandas Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Aldous Huxley to astronaut Sunita Williams who took a copy of the Bhagavad Gita to the international space station.

We’re dipping into Swami Ranganathananda’s 3 volume commentary: Universal Message of the Bhagavad Gita. The late President of the Ramakrishna Order, the Swami was a world thinker and cultural ambassador for India, sponsored by the Government to travel to over 50 countries around the world giving lectures.

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