HCA Operations

Why do we need Hindu Council of Australia?

A central organisation is needed to represent all Hindu associations, temples, missions and other interested groups in dealing with federal, state and local governments. This will provide all associations greater strength and enable effective action in all matters relating to any unjustifiable or inappropriate treatment by the authorities.

There are a large number of Hindu/Indian associations or societies in Australia, eg in NSW itself there are more than 150 such associations having membership from as few as 5-10 to 200-300. It makes it very difficult to get recognition from the Government, both Federal and State and other external bodies. An umbrella organisation like the Hindu Council of Australia can represent the collective interests of all Hindus living in Australia.

All other religious groups have such Councils to represent their religious groups’ interests.

Similar councils have been established and operating effectively in the U.K. and elsewhere.


The Council will not interfere in the internal affairs of member associations.

  1. Each Australian State will have a sub-branch of the Council. One or two delegates from each State shall be nominated by the local associations to represent the State.
  2. The central body will coordinate the activities of all its State branches, which will be represented in the overall national body. The national body will directly interact with the Federal government departments and officials.