Kindness unmasked

By: Dhaval Gelani.

COVID-19 has led to humanitarian crises affecting India today. Millions of daily-wage workers have lost their only source of income. These households go to sleep with empty stomach and have lost shelter and are stranded in biggest migrant crisis affecting the whole of India. Not only humans, but stray animals are also suffering with no food. As virus cases continue to soar, the human cost of this tragedy is unmeasurable. 

Shrimad Rajchandra Love & Care (SRLC), the charitable arm of SRMD is helping those affected by COVID crisis in India. The SRLC has provided grocery, meals, shelter and transport to millions of people and animals all over the world, with biggest impact being in India. With your one simple act of kindness, you can touch thousands of lives who need your love now more than ever. Your generosity will have a great impact. While it may not change the whole world, it surely will change someone’s whole world, and as a part of a global family, such an impact goes a long way.

Join the #KIndnessUnmasked campaign by donating generously at to help SRLC deliver vital help and items of essential living to the neediest and by spreading the message of love and care to your friends and families.