Gargi Woman Award 2019


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2019 Gargi Awards

In 2019 the award was presented by Hindu Council of Australia at International Women Day ceremony on 9th March 2019 in Grevillea Room, Wenthworthville.

The winners of 2019 Gargi Woman Award are :

  1. Kamala (Nayni) Sharma-Wing, ACT - Defence Police Fire Emergency services
  2. Harita Mehta, NSW - Journalism
  3. Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan, NSW - Language & Culture
  4. Mittu Gopalan, NSW - Performing Arts
  5. Manju Jain Verma - Community Service


The nominations were accepted online and were closed on 31st December 2018.

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About Gargi Award

On the International day of women 2018, Hindu Council of Australia has decided to institute an award for outstanding women in Australia who make a good role model for growing up Hindu girls and women. The award will consist of a commendation letter and will be awarded in multiple categories like Sports, Journalism, Performers, Defense, Community Carers, Home Carers, Seniors Carers, Educationist etc.

The award is named after an ancient Indian philosopher considered to be the first woman philosopher Gargi Vachaknavi (c. 7th century BCE). She is honored as a renowned expounder of the eternal knowledge in Vedic Literature.  She participated in a philosophic debate and challenged the established male sage Yajnavalkya, the only lady to do so.  She is also said to have written many hymns in the Rigveda. (Source: Wikipedia)



Recent Awards Activities

2019 Gargi Awards

The nominations for Gargi Woman Award 2019 are open now.

Selection Criteria for 2019

1.    Should have made a substantial contribution in her field as evidenced by one of the following:

a.  Has accomplished pioneering work or has accomplished against odds 
b.  Has made a significant achievement in her field

2.    Should be a good role model for young Australian Hindu girls growing up in Australia as evidenced by any one of the following :

a.  Is not of Hindu faith but lives by good moral, ethical and social values that are cherished by Hindus
b.  Is a Hindu and has retained her Hindu values
The nominee
1.    Must be a resident of Australia
2.    The nominee is not an elected representative of a local council, state parliament or federal parliament.
3.    Is not an office bearer of a political party
4.     The accomplishment work has not been recognized yet
Award Categories

Awards will be made under following categories

1.       Sports

2.       Defense, Police, Fire, emergency services

3.       Performing and Arts

4.       Community services

5.       Education

6.       Science and Research

7.       Language and Culture

8.       Journalism

Selection Process for 2019 Gargi Award

Nominations are open to any woman over the age of 18 years who is likely to fulfill the criteria.

All nominations will be filled out online.

Person being nominated should give their consent and agree to be present in the award ceremony if their name is short listed among top three contenders.

Evidence should be provided in the form of internet links or assurances by those who know or ought to know about the nominee.

Selection process

Hindu Council team will go through all the nominations and remove nominees whose nomination is either incomplete, inaccurate, not supported by evidence or does not meet the selection criteria.

Hindu Council will check the facts supporting nomination and will rank the reliability index of references and supporting evidence on a  scale of 3 to 5.

Each of the remaining nominees details will be sent to each of the judges. The judges will score each nominee and give them a rank from 0 to 5 for each of the following criteria :

    (a) contribution made and

    (b) is a good role model

       A woman is a good role model for young Hindu girls growing up in Australia if :

  1. While may be professing her own religion, respects the right of others to pursue their own faith.
  2. Does not believe in religious conversion.
  3. Believes in settling differences using democratic and non-violent means
  4. Encourages kindness to all life forms and to the environment
  5. Believes in equal rights for men and women.

The score given by the judges will be multiplied by the reliability index to get overall score for each nominee.

Hindu Council will choose top three nominees in each category and will set up a video interview with each one of them asking them to explain their work and why they are a good role model.

The videos will be circulated among the judges so that they can rank these top three contenders. Nominee with maximum score in this round will be the winners.


Top three contenders in each category will be invited to the Award ceremony. Winner names will be announced at the time of presentation of the awards. If the top winner is not present in the ceremony, the award will be passed to the nominee with next highest score.

Jury to select winners for 2019 
  1. Trish Keating, Member of National trust Australia, a member of Old Government House Friends, a member of Parramatta Heritage Society,  has a keen interest in local history, culture and heritage. A retired Protocol Manager from the Cumberland Council, is an active member of local Arts Society.
  2. Judy Friedlander, Founder and Director of FoodFaith,  works to promote social cohesion and environmental sustainability through the growing, sharing and celebrating of food. FoodFaith was founded in March 2015 as a response to Judy’s passion in cultivating greater appreciation of the environment we live in as well as fostering greater understanding and connections among communities through two important forces in our lives – Food and Faith. With a background in newspaper, television and web media and journalism, Judy currently works as a postgraduate researcher at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney and brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the sustainability space.
  3. Bharathi Rengarajan, Executive member Hindu Council of Australia, Chair-Woman empowerment Lions Club
  4. Surinder Jain, National Vice-President, Hindu Council of Australia

The team of jury will score each nominee. Jury will be from different walks of life, with a reputation of being fair and just and with ability and willingness to work with Hindu Council and promote the award.


2018 Gargi Awards

In 2018 the award was presented by the President of Hindu Council of Australia at International Women Day ceremony on 11th March 2018 in Parramatta Parramasala.

The winners of 2018 Gargi Woman Award are :

1. Jacinta Tobin - Service to Aboriginal Community

2. June Bullivant - Academic Research

3. Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan - Educationist

4. Anju Kalra - Dementia Consultant

5. Jayanthi Ramnan - Carer Service

6. Poornima Sharama - Performer

7. Paramita Roy - Film Producer

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