We condemn the act of Terrorism against Bishop Emmanuel

Hindu Council of Australia strongly condemns the stabbing attack by a terrorist against Bishop Emmanuel and Father Royel yesterday while a sermon was being given during a service at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley. We pray that both religious leaders make a full recovery.

Violence, terrorism and intolerance have no place in Australia. We ask that the perpetrator of this attack faces the full force of law and is punished by the courts for this heinous act.

While law enforcement agencies deal with this terrorist act, we as Australians must ponder over the source of this act of terrorism. What made a fifteen year old so radical? An enquiry must be instituted to identify the sources that led to a youth to commit this terrorist act. The source which has prepared and encouraged this young man to commit such a horrible crime should be identified and shut down.

We must strengthen our criminal code and our law enforcement agencies so that they can identify and successfully prosecute those who incite or advocate violence or justify the killing of others.


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