Take a Quiz on Hindu Symbols and Icons

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Take a Quiz on Hinduism Symbols and Icons

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1. A Vermilion red colour Bindi signifies that the woman is married? Yes/No


2. A Toran is a decoration hanging at the front door of a home and can be made out of any one of the following (you can tick more than one)


3. A Hindu can not apply a Tilak to a non-Hindu? Yes/No


4. What is the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise versions of swastika?


5. How many number of cotton wicks can be put into the oil and lighted for an aarti lamp?


6. A mangala sutra is worn by wife for the long life of the husband? Yes/No


7. Rudraksha beads represent tears of which God?


9. Vibhuti  means super natural powers acquired through religious practices? Yes/No


10. Playing with colors on Holi festival is called Rangoli? Yes/No


11. All other Yantras are derived from Sri Chakra Yantra?


12. Upnayana is a rite of passage to mark adolescence? Yes/No


13. Conch shells are used in Hindu worship as a trumpet?


14. Who is the vehicle or mount of Lord Ganesha?


15. While a Tilak can be applied at various parts of the body, Bindi must be applied only in between the eyes? Yes/No


16. Aum is a representation of Brahma God out of three God heads? Yes/No


17. How many strands of thread does a Janaeu or Yajnopavit has?


18. What is the  purpose of performing aarti and the waving of lighted wicks before the deities?


19. What is the usual number of beads in a Hindu Japa Mala?


20. Hindus apply a Tilak on their foreheads to express their devotion? Yes/No


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