Take a quiz on Hindu Rituals

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1. Each festival has some story and rituals associated with it? Yes/No


2. Kumbhmela held at the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers is attended by a hand full of people? Yes/No


3. Puja (worship) can only be performed by a Brahmin priest only? Yes/No


4. There are only 4 rites of passage and every Hindu must follow them? Yes/No


5. Aarati can be offered to multiple Gods at the same time? Yes/No


6. A Hindu Aarati must have a lamp or a flame? Yes/No


8. Hindus in ancient time used to carry Ganga water with them for drinking when travelling overseas? Yes/No


9. A Hindu pilgrimage can only be done by visiting a holy place? Yes/No


10. Those following the path of Gnan (knowledge) do not have to do any Yajna? Yes/No


11. Which of the following are samskars (rites of passage)?


12. Samskara (rites of passage) celebrate major life events? Yes/No


13. Puja should have either mantra or bhajans sung in the praise of the Lord? Yes/No


14. In a Yajna, oblations are offered into the fire? Yes/No


16. Japa requires you repeat a mantra over and over?


17. Which of the following paths can lead to Moksha (salvation)?


18. Every Hindu must perform Rituals? Yes/No


19. In most Hindu temples, deity is woken up in the morning and set to sleep in the evening? Yes/No


20. A Hindu must do all the rituals inside a temple only? Yes/No


21. A Hindu Aarati always has song accompanying the waving of a flame or a light?


22. Food offered to God in a puja worship is only meant for God and cant be consumed by devotees? Yes/No


23. Yajna (fire-oblation) can only be performed during a marriage ceremony? Yes/No


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