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When was the first Ganesh visarjana festival held in Sydney with clay Ganesha being immersed in the ocean at Stanwell Tops beach?


Like Indian Hindus, do Balenese Hindus also have four varnas of classification in their society? Yes/No


According to the Australian census of 2016, Hinduism was the fastest growing religion of Australia? Yes/No


Many non-Balanese communities follow practices very akin to Hinduism? Yes/No


Hinduism came to Singapore between 7th and 10th century? Yes/No


Most Hindus in Singapore today are ethinic Indians? Yes/No


The earliest evidence of Hinduism in Java comes from which century?


When did the first the Arya Samaj missionary arrive in French Guyana?


Hindus in South America, are chiefly the descendants of Indian indentured labourers? Yes/No


Hinduism is the leading single religion of the Indo-Caribbean communities of the West Indies? Yes/No


Like Malayasia and Indoneasia, Hindus in Singapore also suffer religious prosecution? Yes/No


Java was ruled by Hindu kings from 4th to 15th century? Yes/No


In Bali, the word Pura means?


Hinduism was the main religion of Cham people in Central and South Vietnam between 2nd and 15th century? Yes/No


Nyepi and Galungan are Buddhist festivals of south east Asia? yes/No


Khmer empire of Cambodia were Hindu kings? Yes/No


Hinduism came to Fiji as Hindu contract workers started arriving there from 1879 onwards? Yes/No


Which country held until 1935, a swing festival known asTriyampavai-Tripavai whose name is derived from names of two Tamil language Hindu chants: Thiruvempavai and Thiruppavai meaning “opening the portals of Shiva’s home”?


When did the first Hindus came to Australia?


Fiji Hindus are also classified into four varna system? Yes/No


What is known as a Bimong in the Cham language of Vietnam?


After gaining its independence in 1957, Malaysia became a secular country? Yes/No


In which country is Ramakien (Ramayana) is a popular epic and Ayutthaya (Ayodhya) is a city named after the birth place of Rama?


Which religion replaced Hinduism as the main religion of Khmer in 13th century?


There are no Hindu temples left in Pakistan? Yes/No


Which people’s Hinduism was known by these names, namely Tirta, Trimurti, Hindu, Agama Tirta, Siwa?


The earliest influence of Hinduism in Philippines can be traced by archaeological evidence to be from around


Did Khmer Hindu society of Cambodia had the Hindu four varna system for classifying the society? Yes/No


When did the first Malay Hindu state appear in Malaysia?


When and where was a first Ravan effigy ever, burnt in Australia?


The population of Hindus in Pakistan and in Bangladesh has remained stable since after their independence? Yes/No


Which province do most Pakistani Hindus live in Pakistan?


Why did last of the Java Hindu Kings retreated to Bali?


Most Malaysian Hindus are Tamils? Yes/No


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