Take a quiz on Hindu Denominations

1. Balanese Hindu God Achintya is very different to the concept of Brahman. yes/No?


2. Hindu temples dedicated to Sun God were particularly targeted during the iconoclasm of Islamic invasions of India. Yes/No.


3. Indonesian Hinduism is also known as Agama Hindu Dharma. Yes/No?


4. Brahman the Supreme divine is both formless and with form. Yes/No


5. Slavic Neopaganism do not worship Hindu Vedic gods. Yes/No?


6. Identify Hindu movements of 19th and 20th century from the list below. This is a multi-part question and you can tick more than one.


7. Shaktism worships the god in a feminine form?


8. How many incarnations are there of God Vishnu?


9. Does Indonesian law permit Balanese Hindus to believe in multiple God heads. Yes/No?


10. Vedism is a contemporary indigenous development of Vedic forms of religion in ex-Soviet Union countries. Yes/No?


11. Balanese island in Indonesia is a majority Hindu island in a Muslim majority country. Yes/No?


12. Hindus of a denomination do not worship Gods of other denominations. Yes/No?


13. In Hinduism, a sampradaya is a denomination centered around a Guru.


14. An Avatar is a God on Earth. Yes/No?


15. Hindu denominations are based on the form in which God is worshiped or is based on the Guru lineage. Yes/No?


16. Which of the following are forms of Shiva?


17. Balanese Hinduism is closer to Shaivism denomination. Yes/No?


18. Tantric Hinduism rituals and practices are meant to?



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