Take a Quiz on Hindu Beliefs

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1. What is Samsara?


2. Of all the Goals of Human life, Dharma is the most important? Yes/No


3. Only human beings have an Atman or soul according to Hindus? Yes/No


4. Hindus can pick and choose which form of Deva (god or heavnly beings) to worship? Yes/No


5. Which of the following correctly describe the meaning of Karma?


6. Is every thing and every being divine according to Hindus? Yes/No


7. Yoga is a one of the beliefs of Hinduism? Yes/No


8. Kaama or pursuing sensual pleasures is prohibited in Hinduism? Yes/No


9. Which of the following statements are true?


10. After death, one is usually reborn again into the world? Yes/No


11. Moksha means liberation from sorrow, suffering and a state of constant bliss? Yes/No


12. Artha or making money and acquiring wealth is not important in Hinduism? Yes/No


13. Divine can be worshiped in either male and female form? Yes/No


14. Different schools of Hinduism have different meanings of Moksha? Yes/No


15. Dharma means one’s religious duties and does not include worldly duties? Yes/No


16. Release from the cycle of death and rebirth is called Moksha? Yes/No


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