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1. Moksha means liberation from sorrow, suffering and a state of constant bliss? Yes/No


2. Divine can be worshiped in either male and female form? Yes/No


3. Kaama or pursuing sensual pleasures is prohibited in Hinduism? Yes/No


4. Which of the following statements are true?


5. Which of the following correctly describe the meaning of Karma?


6. Artha or making money and acquiring wealth is not important in Hinduism? Yes/No


7. Release from the cycle of death and rebirth is called Moksha? Yes/No


8. Only human beings have an Atman or soul according to Hindus? Yes/No


9. After death, one is usually reborn again into the world? Yes/No


10. Different schools of Hinduism have different meanings of Moksha? Yes/No


12. Dharma means one’s religious duties and does not include worldly duties? Yes/No


13. Hindus can pick and choose which form of Deva (god or heavnly beings) to worship? Yes/No


14. What is Samsara?


15. Yoga is a one of the beliefs of Hinduism? Yes/No


16. Of all the Goals of Human life, Dharma is the most important? Yes/No


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