Hindu Council is Thank full for keeping Hindus safe in Australia

Hindus all over the world have celebrated 22nd January inauguration of a new Ram Lalla temple. Every Hindu temple in Australia held special prayers on the occassion.

Hindu Council of Australia had raised a concern that its celebrations of the opening of Ram Janma Bhumi temple in Ayodhya, India, may be disturbed by anti-social and Hinduphobic elements. Many Australian press including ABC news had provided a one sided factually incorrect report of the event that took place on 22nd January 2024.

The event was celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Its spiritual significance as a once in a five hundred years event went unnoticed and unreported by the media. A false narrative was being built around the political significance of the event and its impact on elections to be held in an overseas country. Misinformation provided to peace loving Australians had a potential of creating divisions among Australians and unjustifiable hate towards Hindus in general and towards Australian Hindus in particular.

Figure 1: Ram Lalla (Child Ram), the main deity of Ram Janmabhumi (birthplace) temple

Ram Lalla (Child Ram), the main deity of Ram Janmabhumi (birthplace) temple

The fact that a property dispute between two religious communities in India was settled peacefully through established judicial norms, was not disclosed by the Australian press. A Hinduphobic narrative was falsely woven as if Hindus had demolished someone else’s place of worship to build their own. The fact that Hindus regained control of their own temple premises after a struggle of 500 years was wilfully hidden by activist journalists. And some honest but gullible elements of Australian press fell for it.

Hindu Council’s legal officers raised a formal complaint with the media outlets. Some TV and social media acknowledged that they had got their information from overseas and did not verify it before publishing it. At least one TV has removed the offending news report from their online media.

But for the prompt action of the Better Balanced Futures (Faith NSW), NSW government, NSW Department of Multiculturalism and NSW Police, Hindus could have been exposed to ridicule, disturbance and potential violence during the celebrations of their most significant celebration of the millennium.

From left to right : Faith NSW CEO Murray Norman, co-chair Surinder Jain, Minister Steve Kamper and Faith NSW co-chair Darren Bark

Faith NSW raised the matter on behalf of Hindus with the Minister of Multiculturalism Steve Kamper, who immediately alerted state police. Local Police commands and senior Police leadership as well as hate crime unit sprung into action. Hindu temples were visited and contacted by their local police command areas to assess the risks and assure temple management that their security is the top priority of the Police.

Hindu Council presented Certificates of appreciation. From left to right – Darren Bark, Steve Kamper, Murray Norman, Surinder Jain, Arjun Mehta and President Sai Paravastu

The event was a great success. Unexpected by the organisers who were showing live broadcast of the event on large TV screens, crowds of thousands gathered at these outdoor venues. These spontaneous joint celebrations were full of happiness and euphoria thronged by Hindu crowds. Overflow of people from street footpaths onto the road caused some minor traffic delays. Police acted with utmost sensitivity towards celebrating crowds and kept the traffic flowing.

Hindu Council of Australia met with the Minister for Multicultural Mr Steve Kamper and thanked him for ensuring the safety and security of Australian Hindus and their temples. The Minister and Better Balanced Futures CEO and Co-Chair were presented with letters of appreciation by President, Sai Paravastu and Vice President Surinder Jain.

Presenting Certificates of Appreciation to Police – 1

Hindu Council team further met Asst Police commissioners and four local area commands at Police office in Surrey Hills and presented them with letters of appreciation. Australian Hindus feel proud of their Police and of their Government.

Presenting Certificates of Appreciation to Police – 2

The horrendous days when miscreants could dare to desecrate Hindu temples without impunity are behind us. Hindu Council of Australia thanks Government, Police and Interfaith community represented by Faith NSW in making us feel safe and an integral part of multicultural Australia.

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