Take a Quiz on Hindu History

Take a Quiz on Hindu History

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1. What were Takshshila, Nalanda, Vikramshila and Valabhi famous for?


2. Name the Muslim invader who plundered and destroyed Somnath temple?


3. Name the Hindu province that was the first Hindu province conquered by Muslim invaders?


4. Which Muslim invader defeated Hindu kings in the Ganges valley and established an Islamic Sultanate in India?


5. Name the Hindu warrior who used latest technology, navy and stealth warfare to fight Moghul rulers in India.


6. Muslim rule in India was tolerant of Hindus all the time? Yes/No


7. How did Hindus continue to transmit Hinduism from one generation to next when there were so many restrictions on practicing any thing but Islam.


8. Indus valley civilization became the largest, most widespread civilization of the world in its time? Yes/No


9. Did Hinduism spread to Philippines beyond Bali during 8th century? Yes/No


10. Hindus were producing iron and steel as early as 400BC?


11. Name the largest religious building in the world?


12. Basic form of Hinduism as we know it today was well established by?


13. Name the Hindu activist who coined the term Hinduatva.


14. Which century did almost all of of India come under Islamic rule?


15. Name the two rivers along which Vedic Indus civilization flourished.


16. Who discovered the concept of number zero?


17. During British rule in India, name the first Hindu monk who gave the message of Hinduism to the west.


18. When was the Natyasastra – a Hindu text on performance arts that integrates Vedic ideology – was also completed?


19. Where does the earliest archaeological evidence point as the place where Hindu civilization develop?


20. Chalukyas, Pallavas, Pandhayas and Cholas flourished as some of the largest Hindu kingdoms in which part of India?


21. Vedas referred to their land as?


22. Which people attacked India and ruled it for 800 years after that?


23. Indus valley civilization was a peaceful civilization? Yes/No


24. Hindus adopted secularism for the first time when a new constitution of Independent India was adopted on January 26th 1950? Yes/No


25. Did Muslim force Hindus to convert to Islam at all? Yes/No


26. Hinduism is the oldest living religion in the world? Yes/No


27. The earliest archaeological evidence for Hinduism dates back to more than 30,000BC?


28. Who in 1995 said that Hinduatva is a way of life.


29. When did the river Saraswati where Indus civilization developed, dry up?


30. Which of the four Vedas speaks of Saraswati as a mighty river originating in Himalayas?


31. Namaste, the Hindu greeting, was well established during Indus civilization? Yes/No


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