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1. Brahman the Supreme divine is both formless and with form. Yes/No


2. Balanese Hindu God Achintya is very different to the concept of Brahman. yes/No?


3. Indonesian Hinduism is also known as Agama Hindu Dharma. Yes/No?


4. Slavic Neopaganism do not worship Hindu Vedic gods. Yes/No?


5. In Hinduism, a sampradaya is a denomination centered around a Guru.


6. Shaktism worships the god in a feminine form?


7. Tantric Hinduism rituals and practices are meant to?



8. Hindu denominations are based on the form in which God is worshiped or is based on the Guru lineage. Yes/No?


9. Vedism is a contemporary indigenous development of Vedic forms of religion in ex-Soviet Union countries. Yes/No?


10. Balanese island in Indonesia is a majority Hindu island in a Muslim majority country. Yes/No?


11. An Avatar is a God on Earth. Yes/No?


12. How many incarnations are there of God Vishnu?


13. Hindu temples dedicated to Sun God were particularly targeted during the iconoclasm of Islamic invasions of India. Yes/No.


14. Identify Hindu movements of 19th and 20th century from the list below. This is a multi-part question and you can tick more than one.


15. Balanese Hinduism is closer to Shaivism denomination. Yes/No?


16. Which of the following are forms of Shiva?


17. Does Indonesian law permit Balanese Hindus to believe in multiple God heads. Yes/No?


18. Hindus of a denomination do not worship Gods of other denominations. Yes/No?


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