Why do Hindus Ring Bells in their temples?

Every ritual & tradition of Hindu culture has a deep meaning in it. The things used during puja rituals play very important role in healing the body, mind & soul. During your visit to temples & puja ceremonies you must have witnessed ringing bell. Bell popularly known as ghant or ghanti in Sanskrit. Ghanti is the vital part of Hindu pujas. Before worshipping the Deities in temples or before beginning a puja rituals at home, we ring the bell as a sign to invoke the God & Goddesses. Ringing the bell produces the divine sound “ૐ”, which produces positive frequencies & viberations around the place.

The bell is said to be the spiritual seat of Gods & Goddesses. The body of the bell illustrates अनन्त which means infinity, while the tongue of the bell represents Goddesses Saraswati. The handle of the bell represents गरूड, नन्दी or चक्र & is considered to be the essential life energy known as प्राण शक्ति (vital force). The vibration of the bell cleanses the chakras & balances the energy flow in the body. The bell should be crafted with an alloy of पञ्च धातु (five metal) viz.copper, silver, gold, zinc & iron; as these five metals represent पञ्च महाभूत (the five great elements viz.पृथ्वी, जल, अग्नि, वायु & आकाश।).

Ghant puja shlok:

आगमार्थं तु देवानां गमनार्थं तु रक्षसाम् ।
घण्टारवं करोम्यादौ देवताह्वान लाञ्छनम् ॥

Meaning : I ring this bell to invoke Gods & Goddesses, so that virtuous & noble forces enter (my house & heart); & the evil forces that lay within me & my house depart.

Benefits of ringing bell:

1. The sharp sound that is produced by ringing bell activates the seven chakras in your body.
2. Creates harmony between the right & the left lobes of the brain, thus creating unity between them.
3. The sound retains the principle of Deities & drives away evil energies.
4. Removes all negative thoughts & negativity within the body.
5. The sound of ringing bell acts like a shock that helps us focus in the present.
6. The sound is soothing to the ears & calms down mind & soul, thus making us feel relaxed & rejuvenated.
7. Helps you connect to your inner self & be one with the Divine.