Why Hindu Conference now

Why Hindu Conference now ? What sparked this event now ?

There are many good reasons to have this in place, one of them being a number of incidents and unfavorable events which has made many Hindus feel dejected and disappointed. i.e. from Culture and values

Whether its the vilification of our deities , disregard towards icons , vandalising temples, misinformed and misunderstanding of our culture and traditions both by insiders and outsiders.

offending our sentiments and insulting us and classifying it as so called humorous or on the lighter side. what does that mean and why us (always), why don’t they try that on other religions ??

The growing Hindu-phobia, or a fear tactics, jealousy or envy of our progress and values.

For many years we, (some of us , if not all) have been reactive to these incidents, but more recently the frequency of these incidents are growing and cornering us time and again.

This thought rose many times among us i.e. our team members and many Hindus broadly on how we can come together to address / understand / tackle these issues, be more proactively with a clear vision to better understand these issues and handle with knowledge and proven material , especially in rapidly changing needs of our community.

it is about time, in fact over due to search for, nurture, train and transit this legacy (culture and values) to the next generation of protectors, into the future

it is about time to understand the rich and vast culture that we are charged with sustaining

It is time for an active effort to enfranchise and empower the next generation of leaders

This conference has taken big steps towards that goal

We, the Hindus of Australia, and the future generations of this community, now stand united, with a clear understanding of what we must do.

This is not Hindu Council of Australia event. Hindu Council of Australia is only facilitating this event for Hindus in Australia. It is an attempt in a format which allows people from all modes of life and all sort of interests in Hinduism to come together and collaborate in their field of understanding and spread the knowledge.

HCA’s mission is to build / contribute towards a strong, cohesive and active Hindu community in Australia, to preserve, promote and share Hindu faith, culture and traditions with multicultural society in Australia, advocate for the religious, cultural, social and educational needs of Hindus in Australia, build a platform to provide information for understanding of Hindu traditions, culture, philosophy and theology,promote harmony and understanding between Hindu and other faiths in Australia through inter-faith dialogue

Let me conclude this conception of Hindu conference with a prayer from Rig Veda – it goes as follows ;
Let us be united;
Let us speak in harmony;
Let our minds apprehend alike.
Common be our prayer,
Common be the end of our assembly;
Common be our resolution;
Common be our deliberations.
Alike be our feelings;
Unified be our hearts;
Common be our intentions;
Perfect be our unity.