The centenary of Haifa Day Tour

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies is organising an 8-day tour of Israel for Australian Indians and Jews, with a 5-day stop to see “Jewish India” on the way. The Israel segment will focus on Israel-India relations, as well as giving a general tourist overview of the country. The India segment will highlight the Jewish history and presence in India. Our tour guide in Israel will be Roley Horowitz, the Indian-Israeli who guided PM Modi on his visit last year. In India our guide will be Yael Jhirad, one of the country’s few official government tour guides specialising in Jewish IndiaAll together, the experience will run from August 25 until September 8, culminating with the official ceremony in Haifa to mark the centenary of Haifa Day. 

All details can be found here, including itinerary highlights and costs and a registration and deposit form : .

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