Introduction to Hinduism – Course contents

Welcome to study this course

Welcome to the study of an introductory course on Hinduism conducted by Hindu Council of Australia. This is a self study course.  You have to study each lesson and then answer the quiz for that lesson. Upon successful passing of all the Quiz with at least passing marks, you have successfully completed the course and are eligible for the award of a “Introduction to Hinduism” certificate by Hindu Council of Australia.

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Brief syllabus of the course “Introduction to Hinduism” is given below.

Introduction (Sanatan dharma, Definitions, Denominations and Diversity, Unity, Colonial influences), Beliefs, Purusharthas, Philosophies,  Karma, Moksha, Concept of God, Traditions, Symbols, Scriptures, Rituals and Ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Bhakti, Festivals, Pilgrimage, Varnas, Yoga,  Ahimsa, Vegetarianism, Temples, Ashramas of Life, Sanyasa, , Attitude of others, Hinduism in Australia.

Course Lessons

There are following lessons in this course.

  1. What is Hinduism
  2. Hindu Denominations
  3. Hindu Beliefs
  4. Hindu Scriptures
  5. Hindu Rituals
  6. Hindu Symbols and Icons
  7. Hindu Festivals
  8. Hindu Society and Institutions
  9. Hindu History
  10. Hindu Diaspora

Lessons to do


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