Shuba Navaratri

Hindu Council of Australia wishes everyone best wishes on the occasion of Navaratri festival.

Goddess Durga fought and destroyed the demon king Mahishasur and thereby making it easy to progress towards the Divine. Let us celebrate the victory of light over darkness, the victory of truth, humanity, and justice.

These nine nights are to worship nine forms and nine qualities of Goddess to provide all of us with mental and physical strength, happiness, compassion, peace, knowledge, devotion, fame, and health.

Wishing you all nine nights of devotion and happiness.

During the current Covid lockdown situation, it is difficult to celebrate it in the usual way of visiting homes, temples and community gathering.

Hindu Council appeals all community members to adhere to the COVID guidelines while celebrating this festival and in that way we not only help in protecting our dear one but the whole society.

Hon Prime Minister of Australia , Scott Morrison sends his warm wishes to all Hindus celebrating Navaratri in Australia and across the world.

With her blessings, may our planet be safe, healthy, prosperous and full of Divine Light.

Jai Mata Di