Parramatta Diwali 2018 Terms and Conditions

Parramatta Diwali 2018

All food stall to pay additional $ 200 Cleaning Bond – Refundable after finishing of event after clear verification & signed certificate from cleaning contractor
(Single and Double Food Stall to share cool Room. Triple Stall will be provided independent cool room; Quadruple stall will be provided large cool room)
Food Stalls will have food preparation area behind the stall and electricity point.
Food stall holders must obtain a TEMPORARY FOOD OUTLET Registration. APPLICATION FORM TO OPERATE A TEMPORARY FOOD OUTLET from Parramatta Council is below.
1.     All the moneys paid are refundable if the booking is cancelled before 10.10.2018 or if the stall is not approved. However, 50% of the amount would be deductible if booking is cancelled after 10.10.2018.
2.     The stalls will be allocated first come first serve basis. So be early and pay to get stall of your choice.
3.     Stall holder must have current Third Party / Public Liability Insurance and copy of the current Certificate of Currency must be provided with the application
4.     Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be served or sold. Water bottles Tea, Coffee. Masala Tea, Lassi can be sold.
5.     Only VEGETARIAN FOOD is allowed to be sold at the fair.
6.     Food stall holders must obtain a Food license from Parramatta Council and Hindu council will provide more information.
7.     Food Stall holder must notify Food Notify authority for their operations at Deepavali fair. Please visit about requirements and obtaining of certificate.
8.     If the stall does not have enough space to do all their food preparation and cooking within the stall then they need to hire one of the larger stalls that were available. Any breach for this incurs fines on the day by council authorities.
9.     All food stallholders to have a surface spray food-grade sanitizer available, this does not mean ‘hand-sanitiser’, it refers to sanitising of food contact surfaces, i.e. benches, chopping boards etc.
10.   All food stallholders to have protective covers to any cutlery dispensers on display at the front of the stall, or cutlery is individually pre-wrapped. This is to prevent sneezing and coughing on the cutlery from other customers.
11.   All stallholders to have at least one Food Safety Supervisor appointed and present at the stall and a copy of their FSS certificate must be available.
12.   All food stalls to have appropriate fire safety measures if they are doing any cooking/warming with any heat source. This means a fire extinguisher AND fire blanket and they should be easily accessible always.
13.   Stall holders who operate on 3rd Nov 2018 are required to set up their stall before 10:00am on 3rd Nov and start trading from 12pm noon on 3rd nov 2018 and must finish trading by 9:00 pm and must vacate the premises by 10.00 pm. All vehicles must be removed from loading / unloading area by 12.00 midnight. The security staff can ask to remove any vehicle seen at other times.
14.   Stall holders who operate on 4th Nov 2018 are required to set up their stall before 9:00 am on 4th Nov 2018 and start trading from 11 am on 4th Nov 2018 and must finish trading 9:00 pm and must vacate the premises by 10.00 pm. All vehicles must be removed from loading / unloading area by 12.00 midnight. The security staff can ask to remove any vehicle seen at other times.
15.   Unless approved by HCA, selling of food other than the approved stalls, collection of any money and distribution of any pamphlet is strictly prohibited.
16.   Food items on sale must be properly covered and handled in accordance with the health standards of the state of NSW.
17.   The stallholder takes the full responsibility of operating the stall. The stallholder indemnifies Hindu Council of Australia and the
Parramatta Park Centre Authority (Parramatta Council) against all claims and demands of any kind and from of any liability which may arise because of any services provided to public, any accident, damage, death or injury to any third person and/or staff member or property at and/or around the stall.
18.   It is advised to bring your own trolley to carry your goods to the stall to avoid any congestion and delays
19.   All vehicles used at the venue must be driven at a walking pace with hazard lights on.
20.   Promotional banners and signage can only be exhibited with prior written approval from HCA.
21.   All rubbish must be kept in the bins provided by stall holder. The stall area must be left clean. A clearance note in writing must be obtained from HCA before leaving the grounds. Any rubbish left by the stallholder at the site will incur cleanup cost.
22.   Do not remove, replace, refit or re-locate the stall or its contents, any problems must be informed to the HCA.
23.   Each Stall holder will be notified upon approval with location map.
24. Stallholder to abide by any other conditions, which may be, issued by HCA for safety and smooth operation of the stalls.
25. Stallholder found in violation of the above conditions, agrees to vacate the premises immediately. Stall rent will not be refundable.
27.   HCA reserves the right to cancel any stall operation. All stall booking fees/ costs are non- refundable.
28. Helium balloons not allowed for sale or exhibition. Fines will be levied by Parramatta Council for violation.
The Food Stall Hirer will work towards making all cups, straws, plates, napkins, and cutlery to be made from recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials.
The Hirer will work towards the elimination of all plastic bags used on site