Paada Yatra – 5th Oct 2019 at 5:30AM

A HINDU tradition of “pilgrimage to temple by foot” on special occasions and festive seasons. it is known as “PAADA YATRA” and this is a general practice in HINDUISM and this is done by all states and cultures in INDIA alike.

As you are aware we have many temples in Sydney now and this tradition is followed here by some of our community members during festive seasons. A group has been walking over October Long weekend for last 20 years. we have been doing PAADA YATRA from Sri Murugan Temple in Westmead to Sri Sai Baba Temple in Strathfield as one stretch and from Sai Baba Temple in Strathfield to Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Helensburgh .

Hindu Council and Letsgivehope is organising this walk to the temple event called PAADA YATRA so the community can follow this ancient tradition of walking to the temple over a long weekend. To keep the culture and tradition going and at the same time we organise the event with all logistics and safety for the participants.

We have formalised event –
1. Registered the event with NSW Premiers department
2. Councils has approved the walk route
3. RMS approves Road occupancy for the walk
4. NSW Police has approved the event
5. Organised Public Liability Insurance for the walk route
6. Organised first-aid, logistics, volunteers, fruits, snacks, water for the participants

The distance between Westmead and Helensburgh is around 65kms. Since its such big distance which can’t be achieved in one day, at least for not everyone so we are planning to do this walk upto Heathcoate and take a bus to the temple and take the blessings and complete the pilgrim.

We start the walk on Saturday, 5th October morning at 5:30am for a 6:00am start from Sri Murugan Temple in westmead and have our first stop at Strathfield Sai Baba Temple and we leave from strathfield Sai Baba temple and reach Heathcoate before sunset. We will have regular rests and breaks on the way to Heathcoate.

Route in Brief
1. Sri Murugan Temple to Sri Sai Baba temple around 15 kms)
2. Sri Sai Mandir to Heathcoate (around 30 Kms)

Since we do not have the full permission to walk upto Helensburg yet, we finish our yatra in Heathcoate and drive from there to temple and finsih our yatra (walk).

A detailed approved route plan will be provided to all participants on signup and inductions conducted a week before the walk at Sri Murugan Temple in Westmead at 7:00 PM.

Starting on 5th October 2019 at 5:30AM for 6:00AM start.

Event is to keep our tradition of pilgrimage (walking) to temple by foot, we tie this auspicious walk to a noble cause , this year again we are raising needed funds “drought” affected areas of NSW. Along side keeping our community fit, we are passing this ancient tradition to our future generation and keep it alive in this wonderful multi-cultural country.

Doing it over the long weekend will make it even better for people and it coincides with a festivals in the temple. We are yet to get full walk permission from government authorities , but we are very hopeful that very soon we will get this approved and we can complete the walk in full upto Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Helensburgh.

Participants will issued certification of completion of the walk at the end of their walk and we sell merchandise and collect donations for a cause, any one can donate. This is event does not promote any commercial activity.

We encourage the community to participate in the first part of the walk (i.e. i.e from Sri Murugan Temple to Sai Mandir) as a start and expect to see big participation this year.

Team @letsgivehope