Narasimha Avatar

Written by Jiten Damudre

With Kayadhu’s (Prahlad’s mother) severed head lying on the floor of Hirankashyap’s palace, the King was angrily listening to Pralhad’s constant chanting, in praise of Narayana, and asking for His mercy and grace.

Angrily, Hiranyakashyap walked closer to Pralhad, pulled him by his hand, and blamed him for his mother’s death.

Hiranyakashyap asked Pralhad if Narayana could bring his mother back to life. Praalhad emphatically replied, “Yes.”

He counter-questioned his father, “Can you?”

Hiranyakashyap was furious when he heard those words, pushing Pralhad to the floor, asking him, “Where is your God?”

Pralhad replied, “Everywhere; in everything; in everyone.”

Hiranyakashyap asked, “Is He in this pillar?” Pralhad retorted, “Yes, of course!”

Hiranyakashyap kicked the pillar and heard a roar. He then hit the pillar with his mace, making the pillar crumble, releasing Lord Narasimha – part Lion-part Man from within it. His roar filled the entire palace. Hiranyakashap couldn’t believe his eyes, and feeling threatened, he attacked Lord Narasimha with his mace, which he deflected, allowing him to catch Hiranyankashap and drag him to the doorstep of his palace. Lord Narsimha then sat on the threshold of the Palace, putting him on his thigh. Hiranyakashayap, afraid to look at His face, started calling for Lord Brahma, blaming Him for not being true to His boon.

Suddenly there was a voice that filled the palace: “It is me, Brahma, speaking to you. I am true to my word. You asked of me for a boon; that no being shall kill you – neither a man nor a woman or any animal that I created; Lord Narsimha is not my creation; He is part Lion and Part Human. You said that you do not wish to die inside or outside, on land, water or in the sky, neither in day or night; Lord Narasimha is going to kill you on the threshold (or doorstep) of your palace, which is neither inside nor outside, He is going to kill you on His lap. You asked you shall not die in day or night, look around its twilight and finally, you asked that no weapon shall kill you. Lord Narasimha is going to kill you with his nails.

Listening to his pronouncements, Hiranyakashap’s heart skipped a heartbeat. Lord Narsimha dug his nails deep into his stomach and ripped his gut apart; pulling out his intestines, and wrapping them around his neck with a roaring, unstoppable, anger. Pralhad watched this entire event from a distance, standing quietly afraid. He knew his Father was a tyrant, and that Lord Narsimha was the avatar of His Narayana, wishing to save both people and the Earth and bring peace and prosperity to all.

In our own lives, many of us feel invincible when various boons are given to us. We feel secure, protected, and indestructible. Much like Hiranyakashyap, we feel empowered, and God-like, but forget that divine power can have other plans for us. Hiranyakashyap’s boons caused his domineering attitude, making him declare war against gods, becoming cruel to the ones who failed to follow his orders (including his son), and keeping tight control over his subjects and close counsel. He preferred predictability: anything unpredictable made him nervous and anxious. We often come across these people in our lives, they could be at our workplace, or we could be living with them. Communicating with them can often be stressful – not only physically stressful but also emotionally draining. Often conversing with them could lead to power struggles, where one is trying to prove oneself right. We must remember that deep within these people are anxieties.

Meanwhile, as you are researching and seeking your help, here are a couple of tips that you could do to help you deal with people who like to control others:

· They are anxious: accepting that they have anxieties will make you feel less of a victim.

· What’s bothering you? The truth will help you to resolve conflicts, open lines for communication, and help put an end to power struggle or conflicts.

· Make things predictable: Give plenty of notice about upcoming events, or any change of plan. It helps them to plan or make changes in their schedule.

· Voice your boundaries: people who prefer keeping things under their control, often like things to be done in their way, it keeps their anxiety under control and things are more predictable for them. However, if you are not comfortable with it, it’s always better to communicate them clearly and calmly, with a well-reasoned explanation.

· Clear communication: one needs to have an adult conversation: power struggle could often lead to conflicts.

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