Labor and Liberals defend Hindus against Hinduphobia by Greens party

Hindu Council of Australia team met state Labor leader Mr Chris Minns and state Minister for Multicultural Mr Mark Coure and discussed recent attacks on Hindus by Greens party stemming out of their hate for Hindus.

From left to right : Mr Steve Kamper, Bhagwat Chauhan, Akila Ramiratnam, Chris Minns, Murray Norman, Surinder Jain and Neelima Pravastu

Both leaders deplored attempts being made by Greens party senior leaders to malign a peaceful religious community of Hindus in Australia. Hindu Council of Australia thanks both parties for their bi-partisan support for standing by the community.

From left to right : Joseph La Posta, Surinder Jain, Neelima Pravastu, Mark Coure and Bhagwat Chauhan

In 2021, David Shoebridge from Greens party had falsely accused VHP of being an extremist organisation. Mr Mark Latham from One Nation Party defended VHP and called out the accusation as false. All parties in the Parliament except Greens party condemned the attack by Mr Shoebridge. The Parliament passed a resolution asking Mr David Shoebridge to retract his statement, which we are still waiting for.

In 2022, during election campaign, another Greens Party senator Lee Rhiannon, repeated same false accusations that had already been refuted by the Parliament. She objected to both the leader of opposition Mr Anthony Albanese and the Prime Minister Scott Morrison, for wearing a VHP scarf which had a Hindu symbol Aum, a logo of VHP and a sanskrit inscription from the vedas “Protect your faith (Dharma) and it will protect you”.

Both parties, Labor party and the Liberal party have condemned this Hinduphobic attack and assured us that they stand by VHP and the Hindu community.

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