Help Kerala fishermen from Covid-19

By: Rajesh Venkatesh, Sewa International Australia.

During the time of deluge that had devastated Kerala continuously for the past 2 years, the fishermen’s community has played a pivotal role as saviors, participating in rescue operations at the risk of their own lives. This community has been facing serious issues as a result of global warming and trawling bans, as the resources are pushed into deeper waters, and they do not have access to the appropriate equipment to sustain their livelihood.

SEWA International Australia along with the other like minded organisations in conjunction with SEVA BHARATHI, Kerala engages itself in protecting this community from starvation and ill-health during the COVID-19 pandemic and the imposed lock-down, to provide essential food supplies, basic medicines and other indispensable items at their door steps.
Hence, we approach the Australian community to give a helping hand, to adopt at least one family each until they are able to walk on their own. “Manava Seva – Madhava Seva”.