HCA's Major Areas of work

The Hindu Council of Australia seeks to help the community across various fields such as religious, educational,  community,  youth and environmental.


  • Organise meetings, seminars and conferences to discuss and share ideas on Hindu philosophy, theology and practices.
  • Celebrate Hindu religious festivals and cultural events such as Deepavali Fair (Festival of Lights).
  • Support our member organizations in their celebrations and cultural programs.



  • Support the effective delivery of Hindu education programs in schools and other educational institutions.
  • Provide community education seminars and information on Hindu culture and religion.
  • Encourage harmony and social cohesion through dialogue, community visit this site trycheapviagra forums and capacity building initiatives.



  • Assist the Hindu community in addressing the individual, social and community needs.
  • Provide opportunities for community consultation and networking such as the Hindu Unity Forum.
  • Promote and support volunteers in our community through offering skills development and training opportunities.
  • Invest in the social capital of Hindu community through strengthening resources, skill sharing and opportunities for all to make a valuable contribution to community based activities.



  • Youth directed programs, initiatives and development opportunities.
  • Active youth leadership and training camps to support empowered leaders for the future.



  • Promoting sustainable solutions and environmental awareness within Hindu community.
  • Supporting organizations to promote and develop educational literature and resources for climate action and environmental education.