Happy Raksha Bandhan

By:Madya Lila.

Happy Raksha Bandhan! Also known as Rakhi, this is a special occasion to celebrate the love between brothers and sisters. On Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie an amulet around their brother’s wrist and wish him a long and healthy life. In return, he gives her a small gift, pledging to always protect and care for her. “Raksha Bandhan” means bond of protection and it signifies the bond of love between brother and sister.


One of the most famous histories in connection with Raksha Bandhan is from the Mahabharata.  Once, Krishna cut His finger and Draupadi quickly tore a strip from her sari to bind it. Krishna was so grateful for this simple act of love,  that He promised He would take care of Draupadi forever. Throughout her life, whenever Draupadi was in danger, she would call Krishna and He would come to wherever she was and give her protection.   In the Mahabharata, Krishna said, “When I was away from Draupadī, she cried with the words, ‘Hey, Govinda!’ This call for Me has put Me in her debt, and that indebtedness is gradually increasing in My heart.”