Genius mathematician Dr. C.K. Raju, discusssions on Vedic Ganit & Calendar

Dr. Chandrakant Raju is an esteemed Indian polymath who has significantly impacted computer science, mathematics, education, and physics.

Dr. Raju’s advocacy for intellectual decolonization and public engagement has influenced policy and education, leaving a lasting legacy in multiple fields. With a strong educational foundation from IIT Kharagpur and IISc Bangalore, he has advanced parallel computing, critically examined the Eurocentric narrative in the history of mathematics, and advocated for the recognition of non-Western contributions.

As an educator, he champions an inclusive curriculum that integrates indigenous knowledge. His interdisciplinary work in physics and the philosophy of science challenges conventional views, promoting a more holistic understanding of scientific and cultural development.

His contributions have not only advanced scientific understanding but also enriched the broader discourse on education, culture, and philosophy. His legacy continues to inspire scholars and practitioners across the world, underscoring the value of a holistic and inclusive approach to knowledge.

The event saw over 200 people attending to listen to Dr Raju which made it a successful event. 

Hari om tat sat

Photos of the event


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