Hindu Dharma For Young Mothers (Teacher's Training)

Hindu Dharma For Young Mothers (Teacher's Training), February 27, 2021 - 9:30 am, Via Zoom,
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Given bewildering amount of literature available on Hindu Dharma, its core message of rational self-exploration of the Ultimate Reality is getting lost. Ancient Hindu traditions encouraged public debates, and discussions in the search for the ultimate truth.

Inspired by this tradition, the purpose of the course is
(a) to highlight the rational foundation of Hinduism and how its various canons piece together to create a universal philosophy. (This will be done by 5 lectures specially tailored).
(b) To build an awareness among teachers about the common questions that may be asked Hindu Dharma in Western cultures and how to address those (this will be done by two Q and A sessions specifically tailored to address questions in the mind of the audience)