Ancient Science Convention

Ancient Science Convention, April 21, 2019 - 7:00 pm, Quakers Hill

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We would humbly like to request your presence to Australia’s first ever Ancient Science Convention and seek honour and blessings from esteemed “His Holiness Param Pujye Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji”. This is the first event of its kind in Australia and follow precedents of major recognition in Senates and Parliaments and success stories in the UK, USA, Canada and many other countries across the world. This event is in public interest and will benefit the residents of NSW from diverse backgrounds.

About His Holiness –

Born in India, His Holiness has lead an early life with great sufferings, he restored to meditation and religious teachings to understand the root cause of physical & mental illness and associated troubles including financial. His Holiness uses cosmic energy and divine powers to cure people of their ailment and unite communities across all religions. His Holiness has also immensely contributed by conducting Vibhuti Yog (The Yoga of Divine Splendor) in multiple countries to cure mental illness and allergies. His Holiness is constantly being recognised and awarded in the Senates, Parliaments of many countries including UK, USA and, Mauritius. In the honour of His Holiness, New York Senate declared Brahmrishi Kumar Swami Day on 29 April 2011 followed by Senate of New Jersey on 15 June 2018. His Holiness has been health advisor to various high positioned politicians including the former Presidents of India.

About the Event –

This event will not only boost the purpose of living but the benefits exceed assistance to deal with mental health, financial, physical and other social life issues. His Holiness will take us on this journey leading to magnificent experience through meditation, enchanting and reciting of “Beej Mantra’s” (sacred Mantras provided by His Holiness). This event is open to anyone in Australia at no cost to them.

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Details of Invite –

Day & Date – Sunday 21 April 2019

Time – 7pm

Location – Quakers Hill Community Centre, 7 Lalor Road, Quakers Hill NSW

Approximate Duration for Guest of Honour – 30 – 45 mins although the delegates could stay until the conclusion of the event

RSVP to –       Hamish Goel 0413 866 005

Balkar Singh 0421407 039

Contact on the day of the event – Hamish Goel and/or Balkar Singh

Link to the Profile of His Holiness – 


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