Durga Puja Celebration – Sunday 17 October

Sunday 17 October – 11 am to 12.30 pm

Live Via Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88634914266?pwd=c2l3OHcrbnUwS1FjQUVtRi9FOUNwdz09


  • Chanting by Sarada Math nuns
  • Talk: Mother Durga: Slayer of Mahishasura by Pravrajika Sridharaprana
  • Talk: Symbol of Divine Energy in Hinduism – The Divine Mother by Mithu Dutta

Goddess Durgā is widely worshipped as a symbol of divine energy or power in Hinduism. The talk will briefly touch (i) the battle between the goddess Durga and the demons; (ii) the true nature of the goddess Durga; (iii) the significance of the battle between the goddess and the demons; and (iv) the implications of various aspects of the image of Durga.

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DURGA is the Great Mother who helps us remove the limitations and emotional and mental obscurations that prevent us from shining the Divine Light we all carry within our hearts. She teaches us that the divine light of truth and wisdom will always prevail over disorder and pain.

Laura Amazzone