Divine Steps Festival

Divine Steps Festival held to celebrate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak . What started off as a simple idea to bring communities from all walks of life together, became Sydney’s first ever multi-faith music festival to commemorate Guru Nanak’s philosophy of universal humankind and oneness.

The Divine Steps Festival saw:
– 4,000 amazing attendees
– 4,000 free bottles of water distributed
– 3,500 free vegetarian meals served (Langar)
– $2,400 raised from the sale of pre-loved Indian clothing and accessories
– 500 free vegetarian meals for the homeless
– 500 turbans tied giving the people of sydney an experience of the crown of Sikhi.
– 400 kilos of free vegetarian pakodas (fritters) and chai tea
– 150+ participants in 4 charity walks
– 150+ free health check-ups
– 150+ artists from 6 different faiths – Baha’i, Christian, Hindus, Jews, Muslim and Sikhs performed
– 100+ dedicated volunteers
– 55 young and old Australian sang Australian National Anthem
– 41 original pieces of art on Guru Nanak’s life and teachings
– 16 performances and 7 hours of divine music from Sikh and multi-faith groups
– 8 cyclists riding over 300km from Canberra to Sydney
– 4 parliamentarians to grace the occasion
– 2 amazing Australian charities supported: Can Too Foundation and Father Riley’s Youth Off The Streets – raising $30,000.00
– All in the spirit of being ONE

“Love for One and Love for All”

The event was attended by various Government dignitaries including Hon. Dr Geoff Lee MP, Gurmesh Singh MP , Mr. Julian Leeser MP and Michelle Rowland MP.

We will soon be sharing all the pictures from the festival on the Sikh Youth Australia Facebook page so do look out for them. In the meantime, here is a link to a media article on the festival: https://www.indianlink.com.au/born-to-stand-out-divine-steps-festival/

“Sikh Youth Australia would like to extend its sincere thanks to Hindu Council of Australia and participants from your community who attended and made the Divine Steps Festival a huge success. Hope that the friendship and ties created during this festival grow with time and all of us collaborate on achieving the basic principles of universality and equality for all.”