Covid-19 precautions in Northern Beaches area

As you may be aware that a Covid-19 breakout in Northern Beaches of Sydney has become a cause of concern for us all. Hindu community has shown utmost patience in following the social distancing rules even during some of the biggest festivals like Deepavali and Dussehra. We need to keep our vigilance to ensure that our community and all Australians are safe and fight this menance togather.

NSW Health authorities has advised the following:

To assist contact tracing and to contain any potential spread of COVID-19, we ask that for the next three days, people residing in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area take the following steps:

• Work from home and remain at home as much as possible

• Do not visit friends or relatives in aged care facilities or hospitals unless essential

• Avoid unnecessary gatherings

• Keep to your household group

• Avoid visiting high-risk venues including clubs, restaurants, places of worship and gyms

• Avoid unnecessary travel outside the Northern Beaches area.

You can find the latest health updates on the NSW Health site here

Please take care and have a safe weekend

We have also received following advice from federal health authorities:

It would be very helpful if your communities could assist with messaging and supporting the advice that has been provided this evening. We’re working to identify all venues in the Northern Beaches area where people have attended whilst infectious, but there is a risk that there are people who have been exposed in this area that are not yet aware as investigations and contact tracing continues, and so may attend places of worship whilst infectious.

For the next three days people residing in this area should remain at home as much as possible, and avoid attending high risk venues including clubs, restaurants, places of worship and gyms. This is particularly important in protecting vulnerable members of your communities whilst contact tracing identifies and isolates people at risk of being infected.

This is a good time for us to show that the faith groups can support the Government by communicating clearly and quickly with our communities and behaving sensibly. Each of us is responsible for our own people and practices, but it would be good for us to be on the front foot in actively showing that faith communities can move swiftly and adapt to a changing situation. We want to suggest to you particularly about staying home, not singing/chanting or wearing masks for it, moving to online, etc. 

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