COVID-19 outbreak in Australia

The current COVID-19 outbreak in Australia highlights the need for accessible information about vaccines for people with cancer who are more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and are at an increased risk of more severe infection.

Based on input and queries from the cancer community, FAQs have been developed by Cancer Australia. These have now been translated into most commonly-spoken languages in Australia including in Hindi.

The FAQs address when and where people with cancer can get vaccinated: the safety, efficacy and any risks of the vaccines; if the vaccine may impact their cancer treatment; and how information will be collected about the vaccines in people affected by cancer.

With cancer, immune system may not be as strong as it is normally and there is a higher concern about the risks associated with COVID-19.

There are also numerous factors that come to play in the current environment and people with cancer and cancer survivors, are likely worried about the potential impact of COVID-19 on their health

How you can help
With your organisation’s help, we want to reach to as many people from Indian community so the most vulnerable group of people can be made aware of where to find this critical information.…/cultu…/hindi-hindii