Council elections in Greater Sydney this weekend meet some of your local candidates

Before you cast your democratic right to choose next councilor or mayor of your local government , we would like to introduce to you, candidates of Indian origin who have in the past supported Hindu cause. The names of the candidates are listed in alphabetic order and include candidates from all parties who have sent information and confirmed that they are of Indian origin.

Charishma Kaliyanda – Charishma grew up, lives and works locally. She knows the pressures faced by her community. She understands our community and wants to make it an even better place to live, work and raise a family. she believes in local community and works for local community, she is been doing that over the last 5 years. She is standing as number 1 for Labor for South Ward of Liverpool Council.

Dr Moninder Singh JP Ward 1 in Blacktown council, Dr Singh has been a long serving councilor at Blacktown, he says we need to work for a better and sustainable future for Blacktown. Its a fast growing community and home for migrants from many cultures, He is always a call away for the community no matter what, very hard working and passionate about community development.

Raman Bhalla lived and ran a business in Blacktown for many years. Raman believes with better infrastructure, Blacktown could be the best place to live, work and do business. He would like to build well needed community projects, add value for rate payers and ensure there interests are taken care of.

Reena Jethi is contesting from from East Ward of The Hills Shire. She has been avery big support to the local community in all modes of life. She said its been the most enriching phase of her life and I thank every one for their support in helping me work for the community in the last decade. She said It’s time to renew our resolve and set new goals for the next 4 years.

Sandhya Reddy (Sandy) She has been awarded Strathfield Citizen of the year in 2020. Sandy believes that Strathfield is the best place to live, work and do business. She would like to be a peoples representative in council. She is standing as number 2 for Strathfield Independents Candidate for Strathfield Council.

Sameer Pandey is passionate about community issues, social inclusion, preserving heritage, local services, youth programs, use of technology to improve services, services for older people and people with disability, education, infrastructure and ensuring our community has a strong plan for the future. Sameer is currently involved in several committees including Smart City Committee, Traffic Committee, Councils Risk and Finance Committee among others.

Sreeni Pillamari JP, Ward C Hornsby. An Entrepreneur, passionate community supporter with liberal views and love for sports. Sreeni is committed to a strong, cohesive diverse and multicultural Australia. He has been a Volunteer, President, Secretary, Treasurer on various community organisations like Hornsby SES, Hornsby Chambers of Commerce and is part of many boards. To service with integrity & compassion for community

Usha Dommaraju lives in Leppington, a very active local community worker and support many multicultural events. She is self employed in the family business and married with 2 children. She is standing as number 2 for Liberals for Camden Council.

There are many more Hindus / Indian origin who are contesting but have not reached out to us i.e. Anil kumar, Gaurav Patni, Kushpinder Kaur, Mohit kumar, Pradeep Pathi, Raj Datta, Satish Kumar, Susai Benjamin, Suman Saha to name a few.

Hindu Council of Australia wishes you all a very best to for this NSW Local Council Elections. We are happy to see so many from our community who are standing in this elections in various LGA’s.