Before you cast your vote in NSW this weekend meet some of the Indian candidates

Before you cast your democratic right to choose next government of NSW, we would like to introduce to you, candidates of Indian background who have in the past supported Hindu cause. We had asked both major parties to send us list of candidates of Indian origin giving their name, seat and a message for the community.  The names of the candidates are listed in alphabetic order and include candidates from all parties who responded to our request for information and confirmed that they are of Indian origin.


Arun Chandrala – Labor Candidate for NSW Legilative Council/Upper House

Mrs Aruna Chandrala is the first Indian origin woman Labor Candidate for Legislative Council of NSW. Aruna migrated to Australia in 1986 and ever since she always voluntarily worked for the community and chaired several cultural, immigrant, women, temple and subcontinent associations. She served two terms asPresident of the United India Associations and three terms as President of Sydney Telugu Association.She has served as committee member for Helensburgh Hindu Temple and conducted various HinduCultural events, including bringing World Telugu Meet to Australia. Aruna is instrumental instarting and conducting the yearly Ganesh Festival held at Parramatta foreshore.  She presented Bhagavad Gita to NSW Parliament and organised Diwali and other Hindu festivals.  Community and migrant issues are always at Aruna’s heart and she believes in “only a life living for others, is a life worthwhile”.


Charishma Kaliyanda – Labor Candidate for Holsworthy

Charishma grew up, lives and works locally. She knows the pressures faced by her community – from cuts to local health services to overcrowded schools, maintenance backlogs and a lack of investment in local infrastructure. Charishma understands our community and wants to make it an even better place to live, work and raise a family. As a Councillor on Liverpool City Council and a long time advocate for our community.

Charishma will: • Invest in schools and hospitals, instead of splurging $2.2B on stadiums; • Properly fund our our local schools and TAFEs; • Reduce hospital wait times caused by the Liberal Government’s cuts to local health services; • Ease cost of living pressures on our community by putting downward pressure on electricity prices; Connect with Charishma Facebook: charishmakaliyandalabor Twitter: Ckaliyanda Website: Email:


Hon Daniel Mookhey MLC – Labor Candidate for NSW Legilative Council/Upper House

Daniel Mookhey was elected on 6 May 2015 to a seat in NSW Legislative Council (Upper House).

The son of Indian migrants, Daniel was the first MP to be sworn into an Australian Parliament on the Hindu religious text The Bhagavad Gita.

Prior to entering the Parliament Daniel held senior roles in the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Daniel is a formidable campaigner and this passion has translated into his performances in the Parliament, exposing waste and incompetence in the Berejiklian led Government. Daniel has been a passionate advocate for the people of NSW, especially in rural and regional communities. He will continue to hold this Government to account and stand up for workers’ rights. Daniel is a firm believer that Government should be funding schools and hospitals, before stadiums. He is also a firm believer in climate change and supports NSW Labor’s commitment to Free Tafe courses if elected.


Ms Durga Owen – Labour Candidate for Seven Hills

A local who understands us. Durga Owen is a solicitor, part time teacher at the Western Sydney University and a mum. She lives locally with her husband Michael and their three boys. She attended Arthur Phillip High School where she was School Captain and earned her law degree at Western Sydney University. That is why Durga will stand up for our area in Parliament and make sure we are heard. Durga will fight for the local community.

As part of Labor’s team, Durga is supporting the campaign to mandate nurse to patient ratios to ensure better patient care and to fix under-staffing problems which have plagued the public health system under the Liberals. She cares that our area gets its fair share of funding for schools, hospitals and TAFE.


Pallavi Sinha – Liberal Candidate for NSW Legilative Council/Upper House

Pallavi Sinha is a Lawyer, Academic & AFR & Westpac 100 Women of Influence. Born in Auburn hospital, Pallavi has been working hard for numerous years on various issues. Pallavi is the only candidate from Indian background who has been given a ticket to the NSW Upper House/Legislative Council in the NSW State election on 23 March 2019. Anyone ANYWHERE IN NSW who is registered to vote can vote for Pallavi Sinha. In 2018, she was recognised as a Rising Star at the Hindu Council Gargi awards. Recently, she spoke at the Hindu Council Gargi awards. She has also attended & spoken in the past at several Hindu Council events including a Forum on Domestic Violence