Become a Hindu Dharma Ambassador

After successfully training hundreds in the United States, the Hindu American Foundation is pleased to provide this program in collaboration with the Hindu Council of Australia.

As a Dharma Ambassador, you’ll be equipped to handle the ins and outs in talking about Hinduism. You’ll be prepared to promote an authentic narrative from within the Hindu community to ensure that our traditions are presented accurately and on par with other religions.

Gain skills to:
• Talk about Hinduism with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues
• Represent our traditions in interfaith settings
• Talk about Hinduism in your child’s classroom

28th November 2020, 10am to noon.
Please contact

Once you register online from the below link


We will send you the details for online workshop, please find below the
bio of the teacher.

Places are limited, so rush in to book your spot. we look forward to seeing next Saturday.

Best wishes
HDA Team