Articles by Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

When we live a soul-cen­tered life we be­come a happy per­son, for to be with the spirit is to be in peace and con­tent­ment.
If we live a ma­te­ri­ally en­grossed life, we face the storms of life with­out an an­chor. Our spir­i­tual be­ing, or soul, is the an­chor. Only a spir­i­tu­ally awak­ened per­son can dis­crim­i­nate be­tween what is good for him and what is not good for him at any given pe­riod of time and avoid the evil con­se­quences of cause and ef­fect. As a soul-spirit we are healthy and happy. This is our nat­ural in­trin­sic state. But this state is cov­ered with the de­bris of old clut­ters of neg­a­tive en­ergy or emo­tions. Once we are able to re­lease and let go of this bag­gage, the soul shines on its own ac­cord. Med­i­ta­tion, mind­ful­ness, and heart­ful­ness prac­tices help us to re­lease, let go, and de-clut­ter. Then pos­i­tive en­ergy of love re­places fear and guilt and we bounce back to our nat­ural state of hap­pi­ness like a child!

Com­pas­sion is the fra­grance of our soul. But to see it man­i­fest through us, we need to prac­tice med­i­ta­tion on com­pas­sion and heal­ing en­er­gies of the uni­verse within and with­out. We just need to be more a soul-per­son than mind-per­son. Med­i­ta­tion is to be more a soul than treach­er­ous mind. Med­i­ta­tion trans­forms the mind by re­leas­ing all its tox­ins and gives it the qual­ity of soul, where we are pure love and bliss. Soul breathes love; im­pure mind breathes hate!

Our abil­ity is in­fi­nite for it is imbed­ded in our soul. If we think we can do some­thing, we will be able to do it. We think we are body or the con­di­tioned mind, we will have the per­cep­tion of small­ness. As we med­i­tate reg­u­larly and prac­tice liv­ing in the pre­sent mo­ment with at­ten­tion, we be­come more a soul-cen­tered per­son and our power and abil­ity starts to ex­pand. As our mind is clar­i­fied through med­i­ta­tion, the mind too feels more buoy­ant and con­fi­dent. Our per­cep­tion changes and we feel a drive from in­side that I Can Do It. Then the bor­ders of im­pos­si­bil­ity fade away!

The more soul-cen­tered we are, the more love can man­i­fest un­con­di­tion­ally, giv­ing us a life of joy for no rea­son. Love and com­pas­sion flow through us when we are not iden­ti­fied with our self­ish mind, but when we are soul-cen­tered. Prac­tic­ing love, kind­ness, for­give­ness, and em­pa­thy is not just for oth­ers. As such we can never do good for oth­ers be­fore do­ing good for our self. As such when we harm oth­ers, the very process con­t­a­m­i­nates our mind and harms us first. It is easy to be good to those who are ap­pre­cia­tive of us and our lik­ings, but how many of us can be good to those who are rude or neg­a­tive to us? But when we see the same per­son from the eyes of our soul, we see be­yond the skin, into the core of that per­son and may com­pas­sion­ately for­give him.

In our uni­verse, we are right in the cen­ter. Every­thing and every­one is all work­ing with us to help us see the truth veiled in our ego iden­tity. Every sub­lime hu­man qual­ity be­longs to our soul, for it is in­trin­si­cally di­vine. There­fore we com­mit to our self that what­ever the ex­ter­nal sit­u­a­tion, we are go­ing to man­i­fest our soul qual­i­ties, adding joy and peace to oth­ers, know­ing all good will all come back to us!

At any point of time, de­pend­ing upon our level of aware­ness, we can ei­ther choose to be in the pre­sent or caught up with past and fu­ture. We can choose to be over­whelmed with what is hap­pen­ing or rise to af­firm our soul’s pur­pose be­hind the hap­pen­ing. Life is a con­tin­u­ous choice. Ei­ther we af­firm life and its op­por­tu­ni­ties, or we lose through neg­a­tive af­fir­ma­tions. Liv­ing a soul-cen­tered life em­pow­ers us to live in the pre­sent, choose the Life pos­i­tive, and let go of all life-negat­ing at­ti­tudes that block our hap­pi­ness and progress, suc­cess and peace. This is holis­tic liv­ing. Happy liv­ing.