HCA Memberships


The Hindu Council membership is open only to registered, non-political and democratically constituted Hindu Organisations. Full membership is not open to individuals. The major field or activity or function of the member organisation should be spiritual, cultural or religious and predominantly related to the Sanatan Dharma – the eternal sustaining values of life including Vedic philosophy, doctrines of Karma and re-incarnation.

There are two types of Memberships:

Organisation Member – is an approved organisation, which has been admitted to the membership of the Hindu Council and is represented by one or two duly authorised persons having one vote only for each organisation. Ordinary member shall have full rights and privileges attaching to the membership of the Council, including the right to have representative to attend and vote at meetings, to have representatives become a member of the national executive committee, State Branch executive committee and other committees or subcommittees, provided the ordinary member is a financial member.

Individual Member (Currently Closed) – is an individual person who has been admitted to membership of the Council for a period of two years and who has the spiritual, religious or educational background, which the Directors of the Council believe will benefit the objects of the Council. Honorary member will be admitted without a fee. The Honorary member will be entitled to all privileges of membership of the Council, including rights to attend all meetings but will not be entitled to vote at such meetings and neither will they be entitled to become a member of the national executive or the State branch executive committee

Volunteers –  HCA offers opportunities for volunteers to get involved in creating new skills and opportunities while making a valuable contribution to the Hindu Community.

Membership Forms: