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1. Hinduism was founded in 500AD ? Yes/No.


2. Hindus are allowed to question the authority and eternal truth of their scriptures. Yes/No.


3. Self-restraint, and compassion are prescribed eternal duties of a Hindu? Yes/No.


4. Sannyasa (monastic practices) is essential to achieve Moksha.


5. Hinduism was founded by?


6. Sruti and Smrti are the founding texts of Hindus? Yes/No.


7. Hinduism has only four denominations VaishnavismShaivismShaktism and Smartism. Yes/No.


8. Can a Hindu choose to be a polytheistic or  monistic or none or both. Yes/No?



Vedas and Upanishads are the only two text of Hindus? Yes/No.


10. The four Purusarthas are not very important for Hindus? Yes/No.


11. The word Hindu was first used to describe a geographical location and people living in it. Yes/No?


12. The word Hindu is derived from a river named Ganges. Yes/No?


13. Do Hindus have a single ecclesiastical order (as in Catholic religion) Yes/No?


14. The four purushartahas are :


16. Is Hinduism is a different religion than Sanatan Dharma?


17. What is the difference between Religion and Dharma?


18. When was the term Hinduism introduced in the English language?


19. Shaktism is one of the larger denomination among many denominations of Hinduism. Yes/No.


20. In Arabic, the word Hindu refers to all Indians (even christians and muslims). Yes/No?








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