Invitation to conduct further research about ANZAC Jawans

By : Prakash Mehta.

Hindu Council of Australia has erected a cenotaph dedicated to all servicemen of Indian origin who have enrolled or served the Australian forces in World Wars. It was inaugurated with the joint efforts and support of the Department of Veteran Affairs, Hornsby Shire Council, Hornsby RSL, Hindu Council of Australia, local  Indian community and local MP Julian Leeser.

Cadets guarding the memorial at Cherry Brook Park, NSW

The memorial in NSW is a first of its kind in the state that recognises the contributions and connections of people of Indian origin. It is about the contributions made by the servicemen of Indian origin in Australia, by enlisting at the time of need. The plaque commemorates the service and sacrifice made by Australian Soldiers and Military Personnel of Indian heritage who served in the Australian Imperial Force in World War I.

It also remembers and recognises up to 15,000 Indian Soldiers who fought with allied troops at Gallipoli where almost 1,400 Indians Soldiers died at Gallipoli and up to 3,500 were wounded. It also remembers and recognises the Indian Soldiers who have participated alongside the Australian Soldiers in various Military Campaigns and Peace Missions. ”

The first effort to find out about such service men came to Hindu Council’s attention by an article written by journalist Manpreet K Singh and published by SBS dated 9 June 2017.

These names were further confirmed with research center of Australian War Memorial Canberra service records about the accuracy and authenticity.

The President of Hindu Council has called upon people to come forward and do further research and said that

We hope this Cenotaph also encourages more research and publications to connect larger Australian Indian community with Anzac history.

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Commemorating the Centenary of Armistice – Cenotaph at Cherrybrook NSW

By: Bhagwat Chauhan.

We were working on some time to create a history, a small team of Ashwani Jain, Sanjeev Bhakri, Ashwani Sharma and Parveen Gupta were working tirelessly to build a cenotaph to recognise servicemen of Indian origin, who made ultimate sacrifice during WW I. We had special contribution of Mr Rajeev Maini (Architect) and Mr Vijay Badhwar (Engineer).

It is a lesser known fact that servicemen of Indian origin were part of Anzac forces. This cenotaph will remember 12 servicemen identified from Anzac Archives and other unidentified sources,  who have fought in Anzac forces. 

 The memorial has been constructed with armistice centenary grant from department of veteran affairs by Hindu council of Australia with support of federal member of Berowra Mr Julian lesser, Hornsby Shire Council, Hornsby RSL

It will be the first memorial of its kind in Australia  to remember the active contributions of Indian community during World War I. It will give an opportunity to Indian Australian now and in the future to connect with Anzac history. 

You are invited to attend and be part of unveiling of the cenotaph dedicated to Anzac Servicemen of Indian origin as part of Armistice centenary commemoration 2018. 

Event Details

Date : Saturday, 10 November 2018

Time : 9.30 am for 10.00 am start 

Venue: Park opposite to Carlile Swimming ming Cherrybrook

33 Shepherds Lane, Cherrybrook NSW 2126

It’s my humble request to you, that we should join together to commemorate the centenary of armistice 2018 @ Cherrybrook.



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