Condolence meeting for killing of innocents in New Zealand

By: Vijai Singhal.

Mr Vijai Singhal, director of Hindu Council of Australia attended the Condolence meeting on 17th March 2019 held at the Parramatta Town Hall and spoke on behalf of Hindu Council of Australia giving the message that we oppose Terrorism occurring anywhere. The meeting was arranged by ICSOA-Indian Crescent Society of Australia Inc, an organization representing Indian Muslims in Australia.


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Sydney pays homage to 44 CRPF fallen in Pulwama Kashmir, India

Over a thousand Indians from all backgrounds gathered in Sydney today to pay their last respects to 44 Indian brave soldiers who died at the hand of religious fanatics. The incident took place in Pulwama, Kashmir, India when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive laden vehicle in to a bus transporting a convoy of Police.

Julia Finn, MP Consoling the community. Tony Issa and Reena Jethi listening.

The meeting was also attended by various MPs and Councillors of Australian politics from both sides. ex-MP Tony Issa representing MP David Elliot, Minister of Counter Terrorism assured the Indian community of his government’s support in this hour of grief. MP Julia Finn expressed her condolences and told how she had come face to face with the effects of terrorism during her visit just after Mumbai terror attack. Others including MP Jeff Lee, and Councillors Reena Jethi, Krishna, Sameer Pandey, Maninder Singh and Suman Saha also consoled the Indian community.

Indian community in Sydney being addressed by MP Tony Issa on behalf of David Elliot, Minister for Counter Terrorism

It is ironic that this condolence meeting was held in Jubille Park, Parramatta where President of India had inaugurated a statue of Mahatama Gandhi only a few months ago. The meeting was jointly organized by 34 different Indian and Hindu organizations in Sydney.

Speaking on the occasion, organizer, Ramya implored Australians to wake up and recognize terrorism as what it is, an anti of everything that the western societies stand for. It is anti democracy, anti humanity and anti peace. India has been  victim of religious fanatic terrorism for 960 years. India had been pleading with the world that terrorism that is directed towards India is not an only an Indian problem but is going to be a problem for the entire world. Alas, the world woke up only after 9/11 and other incidents in Europe and other western nations.

Paying their homage to the fallen CRPF by Indians and MP Jeff Lee in the queue

He asked Australian law makers to ensure that their parliament and institutes are not used by evil forces disguised as Non Government Organizations and radical ideologies disguised as rouge nations. There is no room to give respectability to terrorism.

All present paid their last respects by offering flowers to the brave fighters who lost their lives, .



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Muslim leaders boycot discussions to stop terrorism

A proposed round table to discuss how Australia could better identify and stop extremism will be boycotted by Muslim leaders this week in response to comments from Prime Minister Scott Morrison who said religious leaders were “making excuses”.

On 9 November 2018, at around 4:10 pm, a man set fire to a Holden Rodeo ute on Bourke Street between Swanston Street and Russell Street, in Melbourne’s Central Business District. The attacker emerged from the vehicle before it burst into flames. Police stated that there were propane gas cylinders in the vehicle, but they did not explode.[2]

Bourke STreet Mall East, Melbourne

The man then went on a stabbing spree with a large knife and wounded three pedestrians, one of whom was later pronounced dead at the scene. The attacker was then confronted by two Victoria Police patrol officers who arrived at the scene. A member of the public also attempted to ram a shopping trolley into the attacker.[3] After slashing at the police officers, the attacker was shot once in the chest by one of the officers. The attacker was then restrained and taken to receive medical treatment under guard, but later died in hospital.[4]

The attack is considered to be “terror-related” by police.[5] Police have confirmed that the attack was ISIS-inspired.[6] Islamic State has taken responsibility through its Amaq news website.[7][8][9]

Police identified the attacker as 30-year-old Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, who moved to Australia from Somalia in the 1990s with his parents and siblings, and attended Al-Taqwa Islamic College. He was married with a young son.[10]

Sisto Malaspina, aged 74, was killed when the perpetrator stabbed him above his collar bone. Eyewitnesses said it appeared Malaspina was walking over to the car after it burst into flames to offer assistance, when he was stabbed. A former nurse tried to revive him by performing CPR but the stabbing had punctured a major artery causing too much blood to be lost.[18]

Those injured were a 58-year-old retired businessman from Launceston, Tasmania,[20] who suffered knife injuries to the head and was taken to the Alfred Hospital for surgery[21] and a 24-year-old security guard from Hampton Park who received lacerations and was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.[22]

Prime Minister Scott Morrison received criticism for a statement he made on television suggesting that Muslim communities in Australia were partly responsible for failing to report extremism,[24] with the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, responding that Morrison’s position constituted “serious discrimination” against Muslims and blaming security agencies for failing to prevent the attack.

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