Take a Quiz on Hindu Society and Institutions

Take a Quiz on Hindu Society and Institutions

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1. Which of the following correctly describe the head of a Matha, a Hindu monastry? You can tick more than one answer.


2. Hindu society is categorized into classes, called Varna. How many Varna categories are there?


3. Hindu vegetarianism is an off shoot of observing non-violence? Yes/No


4. A Hindu temple can have only one murti (idol of a God form) in a building?


5. A Hindu monastery is called?


6. One’s Jati (the clan of birth) determines one’s Varna or categorisation? Yes/No


7. Every Hindu must belong to one of the four Varna categories to be called a Hindu? Yes/No


8. Varna categorization of Hindu society is based on one’s birth? Yes/No


9. It is imperative for a Hindu to enter into these stages of life (Asharamas) sequentially? Yes/No


10. All Hindus are vegetarians? Yes/No


11. A Hindu takes to Sanyaas (monastic life) because?


12. Usually, Hindus of one Jati can marry anyone else in the same Jati? Yes/No


13. Hindu life is divided into how many stages (Asharamas)? Yes/No


14. It is not possible to build a new Hindu temple in Australia?


15. A Hindu temple is a place where humans and God can come together?


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