Basic teachings of Hindu Scriptures (Part One)

By: Rasamandala Das (ISKCON). The aim of Hindu Scriptures is to gradually elevate man from a state of ignorance (tamas) to a state of pure goodness (çuddha-sattva). Ignorance is opposed to goodness. In ignorance, affected by material desires, anger, hate and greed, one becomes illusioned. An illusioned man cannot understand what is what. Instead of […]

Take a Quiz on Hindu Scriptures

Take a Quiz on Hindu Scriptures Please enter your email: 1. Ancient Hindu scriptures were written in which language?  Hindi  Sanskrit  Pali  Latin  Hindi The ancient scriptures of Hinduism are in Sanskrit. 2. The word Tantrism can be found in ancient Indian texts? Yes/No  Yes  No The term “tantrism” is a 19th-century European invention that […]