Basic teachings of Hindu Scriptures (Part One)

By: Rasamandala Das (ISKCON). The aim of Hindu Scriptures is to gradually elevate man from a state of ignorance (tamas) to a state of pure goodness (çuddha-sattva). Ignorance is opposed to goodness. In ignorance, affected by material desires, anger, hate and greed, one becomes illusioned. An illusioned man cannot understand what is what. Instead of […]

Take a Quiz on Hindu Scriptures

Take a Quiz on Hindu Scriptures Please enter your email: 1. Shastaras mean a treatise on a certain area of expertise? Yes/No  Yes  No Shastras Shastra means a book or treatise” in a general sense[1] generally used as a suffix for technical or specialized knowledge in a defined area of practice.[2] It is often a suffix, added to […]