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Multifaith Event -18 August – Together in Friendship

By: Kanti Jinna.

Annual Multi-faith function organised by the Order of Australia Association held at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra on Sunday 18 August 2019 . The theme was ‘Together in Friendship’. Various religious traditions had to say from their  sacred writings that connect with the theme.
The event was attended by the President and the Vice President of Hindu Council of Australia to represent Hindu Faith.On behalf of Hindu faith, Shlokas from “Sangathan Sukta of Rigveda appropriate for friendship, were  recited and explained meaning of these Shlokas to the audience comprising of people from various faiths.
The function was Chaired by the President of the OOA Canberra Branch and officiated by The Very Reverend Bishop Stephen Pickard.

Discourse of Dr RVSS Avadhanulu, Canberra Chapter, HCA

Written By: Santosh Gupta. Photos by : Bibhuti Panda. Video by : Mitra Desai.

Hindu Council of Australia, Canberra Chapter, organised a discourse of Dr RVSS Avadhanulu, an Eminent Vedic Scholar & Founder of Shri Veda Bharati, on the Scientific Aspects in Vedas and Shastras on 19 May 2019 at the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre.

The program started with the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra by Bipin Sumant and welcome address by Prakash Mehta, National President, Hindu Council of Australia. The Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre’s Priest, Pundit Acharya Prakash Pandey, welcomed with a traditional welcome Tilak and Mantra.

Santosh Gupta, Coordinator, Canberra Chapter, Hindu Council of Australia, introduced Dr Avadhanulu by providing a glimpse of his educational and Vedic research & qualifications, and awards.

Dr Avadhanulu in his presentation of more than an hour touched upon many scientific aspects including the following aspects:

* To understand Vedas, there are some preparatory books such as Vedangas that explain how to read and construe Richas or hymns appearing in Vedas.

* About 20 modern subjects including Computational Science and Remote Sensing in Vedas.

* Unique decimal system in Vedas.

* Numbers have a philosophical meaning. For example, in Rudra Abhishek, 1 = seeking Adwaita, 3 = three gunas (satva, raja and tama), 5 = five senses, and so on

* Varahmihira in a commentary on Vedas explain why and how earth floats in space.

* Hindus have moral responsibility to study and propagate Vedas, Vedangas, Shastras, Mimansas etc.

The discourse ended with a very interesting and informative QA session. Prakash Mehta delivered vote of thanks including the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre provided the venue, and Murthy Potukuchi for organizing Dr Avadhanulu’s visit to Canberra.


Building a new temple based on Agama Sastra in Gungahlin District, Canberra

By: Dr Krishna Nadimpalli, Hindu Canberra Mandir.

The Canberra Hindu Mandir (CHM) follows agama shastra architecture under the guidance of Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati, India.  CHM has been registered in 2014 to provide a place of worship for the Hindu practicing residents of Gungahlin region in Canberra.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has offered 6000 sq.m land located at Hoffman Street, Moncreiff, ACT 2914. In order to get the title of the land, government has asked CHM to demonstrate the financial viability of the community to construct the temple before June 2019.

The proposed temple consists of a complex of Shrines dedicated to Shiva Parivar, Vishnu Incarnations and Guru. There is a provision for a Event/Utsav Hall and a vegetarian cafe.

Devotees contributions and support will help us build a temple for all Hindu Practitioners in Gungahlin. 

 Crowdfunding – Any person can donate the funds through  Please forward this link to your friends in local and overseas.  

Further CHM offers many services for the devotees and donors including Foundation Bricks, Foundation Pooja, Sponsor Deities, Sponsor Chants and Building Donation (Tax Free for Australians).   More details of the following services can be found at 


Diwali 2018 at Federal Parliament in Canberra

Hindu Council of Australia celebrated Diwali at Australian Federal Parliament jointly with BAPS (Swaminarayan). Here is a brief video of the same.



Hindu Council activities report for 2018

Annual General Meeting of Hindu Council was held in Blacktown on 15th December 2018 and was attended by about 40 members. A report of activities for the year 2018 was presented and can be downloaded below :

Download the report (15MB)

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