Board of Directors of Hindu Council of Australia

Dr A Balasubramanium, OAM

Mr Ashwani Sharma 

Mr Bhagwat Chauhan

Mr Makarand Bhagwat

Prof Nihal Singh Agar, AM

Mr Prakash Mehta

Mr Sai Paravastu

Mr Surendra Prasad

Mr Surinder Kumar Jain

Mr Tara Chand Sharma

Mr Vijai Singhal

Mr Vikas Chopra


– Policy /Procedure making

– Oversee Governance

– Ensure HCA follow its Objectives,

– Ensure Transparency

– Ensure statuary obligations are met

–filling of returns, etc.

– Responsible for overall HCA Affairs

– Borrow money or provide security as required

– If required acquire real estate property for the use of HCA and for any other lawful purpose for the benefit of Hindu community.

– Support member organisations to establish institutions of learning such as study classes and libraries.

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