Invitation Ravan Dahan

💥✨#HinduCouncilofAustralia wishes everyone a Happy Dussehra

*Dasha Hara* is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within us….

*_Ahankara_* (Ego)
*_Amaanavta_* (Cruelty)
*_Anyaaya_* (Injustice)
*_Kama vasana_* (Lust)
*_Krodha_* (Anger)
*_Lobha_* (Greed)
*_Mada_* (Over Pride)
*_Matsara_* (Jealousy)
*_Moha_* (Attachment)
*_Swartha_* (Selfishness)

Hence, also known as *’Vijaydashami’* signifying *’Vijaya’* over these ten bad qualities.

🙏🏼Join us for Ravan Dahan on 20 October for #Deepavali2019 at the Bella Vista Farms 🎆


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